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About Used Machine Evaluation

ASRA Engineers Inc standing in the field of all heavy duty used machinery and equipments evaluations and assessments of machinery actual values, machinery accuracy and used machinery categories. The machine assessment is under taken through especially careful and examination of all parameters of machineries by professional expert. Also it is a very vital exercise to determine the right purchase price and the accuracy of the machines. Experts from ASRA Engineers Inc provide customers with this critical information and status of the machines right information.

We have set up experienced active a expert team with assessment skills for all inspections and evaluations in all over the World for obtaining the process. We can provide an accurate assessment of used machineries and machine attachments status. Our expert specialists can provide a clear evaluation of the equipments and values of the machines. Our history reports are accurate, confidential and reliability of the used machineries status.

The assessment you will typically receive summary appraisal reports that will general estimate the value of the machine. There will be on-site inspection details in the report as will as given information for each physical value benefits. The report will take longer as an appraiser will need to make a visit and inspect the machinery.