Telecommunications Consultancy Chennai

Telecommunications Services & Consultancy

We are the leading service provider for repair Telecommunication circuit boards and Telecommunication accessories in Asia. We have a dedicated card repair facility tools and mobilize service expert teams in the telecom switching systems. We are exceptionally working close cost effective manner extremely respective manner to our Customers. We have knowledgeable technical expert in repairing of telecommunication equipments. All products are repairs under the guidance of trained industry experts who can easily detect the faults.

We offer the wide range of services for Telecommunications Circuit Boards, All Major Internal Parts, Modules, Power Supplies, Switches, Switch Components and PLC Control Systems. Our focusing services are as follows:

  • Telecommunications Circuit Boards
  • Telecommunications Panels
  • Telecommunications Equipments
  • Telecommunications Functional Systems
  • All critical Internal Boards
  • Modules
  • Cards
  • Power Supplies
  • Switching Systems
  • Common Control System
  • Telephone Exchange Equipments
  • Digital Multiplex System
  • Processer Control Board
  • Transmissions Controls
  • Switch Components
  • PLC Control Systems
  • Industrial Monitor
  • Processor Board
  • Accessories repairs
  • Various sub parts etc.

We place our service engineers immediately to the sites for the trouble shooting of the equipments as per the Customers exigency. Our engineers are experienced in all facets of telecommunications electronics and provide highly reliable services and achieve Customers requirements by highly effective manner.


We offer engineering consultancy services for:

  • Project Preparation
  • Soil Exploration and Foundation Design
  • Preparation of Plans and Estimated
  • Industrial Structures
  • CO2 Storage
  • P & ID Diagrams and Instrumention Parts
  • Drawings
  • Projects
  • Structural Stability
  • Preparation of Valuation Reports for Project
  • Pumbs & Valves
  • Welding NDT / DT Services